CBI Ghana offers cement in 50 kilogram bags and in 40-ton bulk tankers. Whatever their needs, our individual and professional customers can be confident that they will receive high-quality and high-value cements that exceed the technical requirements of the GS 1118:2016 and EN 197. Find our latest data sheets here.

Supacem high-quality cement grades

We offer our high-quality Supacem Cement in 50kg and 40t bulk tankers in two grades. We branded Supacem with the Dwennimen Adinkra mark, a traditional symbol of strength, to highlight the superior strength of our cement and to showcase that it was made right here in Ghana.

Supa Power – CEM II/B-L 42.5R

Our Supacem 42.5R offers the highest compressive strengths of all local 42.5R grade cements available on the Ghanaian market. It is best-suited to:

  • Public infrastructure works such as roads and bridges
  • Heavy-duty reinforced concrete structures
  • Building foundations
  • Block-making
  • Precast operations

Supa Star – CEM II/B-L 32.5N

Our Supacem 32.5N offers by far the fastest one-day, two-day, and seven-day strengths of any 32.5R grade cement available on the Ghanaian market. It is best suited to:

  • Plastering
  • Mortaring
  • Screeding

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